Quick Cockapoo Facts!

The Cockapoo came about by crossing the American Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. This breed is originally from the United States where they were bred during the 1960s. The first of Cockapoo was not an intentional mating, but later on, the matings have become deliberate as their popularity continued to grow. The Cockapoo is an intent spectator, just like the Poodle, not going to the hyper extremes of many American Cocker Spaniels.

In general, the Cockapoo is affectionate with a laid back nature. Although they are alert, they also have a beautiful nature. The Cockapoo is a very energetic and sociable dog that is very eager to please its owner. This breed makes wonderful companion dogs and will get along well with children. Cockapoo should be trained from their puppyhood till growing older; so they won’t have anger issues when later on in their lives. These dogs will get jealous if their owners pay attention to other animals and people. The Cockapoo is very trainable, and also a brilliant dog. These dogs are the perfect companion pet as they are smart, trustworthy and easy to care for.

Most people think designer dogs represent a recent trend that eventually will fade away. But Cockapoos have been bred since the early 1940’s. Contrary to what most designer dog naysayers believe, this mixed breed is not a fad.

The Cockapoo is a relatively high maintenance dog and should be brushed and combed on a daily basis. The Cockapoo does not shed too much, and if they are often brushed, they will even shed less. These dogs are therefore ideal for someone struggling with allergies. It is advised that the Cockapoo should be clipped at least once during the year. Cockapoos are very smart dogs, and this can make the training of these dogs very easy. These dogs will do very well when it comes to obedience, and if the training is presented correctly, these dogs will do extremely well. Cockapoos should be handled firmly – training, however, should be very consistent but also very gentle.



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