Puppy Training Tips

Having a puppy is an amazing experience. Your puppy will truly become your best friend and that is why one of the many reasons why there are more than 73 million pet dogs in US households. As dogs’ falls in the category of animals, it is really important that they learn some basic lessons so that you can cohabitate in harmony. Here are some great dog training tips to start your puppy off in his or her journey to become a well behaved dog. 

Potty training – The number one tip for quick potty training is to crate train your puppy. I know this is hard (Minnie she cried for over a week and it broke my heart). However, we knew that if we let her sleep in the bed before she was housebroken, she would make a mess on our bed. We also worried that she would fall off the bed in the middle of the night and hurt herself. As painful as it was, we knew the crate was the best place for her. Dogs also don’t like going to their bathroom in their home so this allowed us to house train quickly.

We also kept to schedule. We would take Minnie outside half an hour after eating and if she was really active playing, we would take her out. With her being crate trained, if she was being stubborn and didn’t go to the bathroom, we would put her in her crate for a few minutes and then take her out again.

We also rewarded her for good behaviour. When she went to the bathroom outside, we would give her a treat and get really excited and play with her.

Make your dog social – Socialization is amongst the most significant portion of a dog training and it can lead to calm behaviour. Socialization allows your pup should interact with people, pets, locations and materials which eventually familarize him or her with all different situations.

Though it is important to socialize your puppy with other dogs, it is important that you avoid this until your puppy has received his or her shots. We didn’t allow Minnie to socialize with other dogs until she was 4 months old (other than my mom’s two dogs which we knew had all their shots). This is because we were nervous about her picking up any diseases or viruses from other dogs. You should be aware that even though a dog may seem really healthy, they maybe the carrier of diseases or viruses which may never harm them but could get your puppy sick.

Distract your Puppy from Negative Behaviour – If your puppy is doing something that they shouldn’t be, give them some attention. For example, if your puppy is biting your fingers, take the opportunity to work on tricks. This will distract them from the behaviour and eventually stop it.

You must be consistent when dealing with your puppy, even if your are playing or just taking him out for a walk. A puppy needs dedication and that you need to get involved if you really want to cultivate a good behaviour in your puppy. So, remember these tips and start using them on your little puppy.


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