Why A Cockapoo?

merle cockapoo

After careful consideration, we decided that a cockapoo was the right dog for us. 

Are you trying to determine if a cockapoo is right for you?

Below you will find my top ten reasons why I feel a cockapoo is the perfect pet!

  1. They can be small dogs, but not so small you can easily hurt and step on them (perfect size, typically ranging from 12-22lbs)
  2. They are all different – one might look like a poodle, another more like a cocker spaniel. (Your baby will be one of a kind).
  3. They are sweet dogs. And they are truly loving dogs and loyal to their owner.
  4. You probably won’t react to a Cockapoo pup if you are allergic to dogs. Their coats are not fur but hair (depending on the generation, they maybe hypoallergenic!)
  5. They love people and will wiggle their butts when their owner walks in the door and when they meet people on the street.
  6. They are easily housetrained (relative to other types of dogs) and obedience-trained. (They are clever little dogs).
  7. They are incredibly photogenic (and easy to photograph – many look like little teddy bears!).
  8. They are energetic and playful.
  9. People have a real fun time guessing what mix/breed they are.
  10. You meet a lot of people when you walk your cockapoo pup!

One thought on “Why A Cockapoo?

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